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New track hubs have been created for more than 900 public RNA-Seq studies, totaling more than 16,000 tracks across 35 plant species (read more).

Looking for a plant protein? There is now a new fast protein sequence search in Ensembl Plants, using the Hidden Markov Models (using the search tool HMMER). Just click on the 'HMMER' link in the Ensembl Plants banner (or go directly from here), and add your query sequence in plain text or FASTA format.

Release 31 adds new variation data from Jeffares et al (2015). This covers the 57 strains that were identified to account 99.6% of all SNP in the Schizosaccharomyces pombe genome. It identifies more than 170,000 SNPs and over 14,000 insertion and deletion events.

New species such as a spider, an octopus, and a myxozoan, extend the taxonomic diversity of Ensembl Metazoa. But it wouldn't be Ensembl Metazoa if there wasn't an interesting new dipteran or nemtaode as well.

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Release Intentions

  • Released scheduled for 24th March 2016
  • Update to Ensembl 84 software
  • Removal of MySQL databases from release 21 from the public MySQL server
  • Switch to using version-less BioMart names e.g. protists_mart instead of protists_mart_31

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are now available for all domains of Ensembl Genomes. Have a question? Check if it's been asked before! If there is a FAQ missing, contact us.

What's New in Release 31 (March 2016)

Ensembl Bacteria has been updated to include the latest versions of 39,584 genomes (39,183 bacteria and 401 archaea) from the INSDC archives.

Imported 26 new genomes from the INSDC and there is new variation data for Schizosaccharomyces pombe. There have been updates annotations based on PHI-base 4.1 have been included.

There are legs and tentacles everywhere in this release of Ensembl Metazoa, as ten new species scuttle, swim and slither into our databases. From the tiny Antarctic midge to the charismatic California two-spot octopus, the new species represent the taxonomic diversity of metazoa. There are dog and rat parasites (the itch mite and a nematode), and species that are significant problems for agriculture (Australian sheep blowfly) and aquaculture (the salmon louse and a myxosporean). The common bumblebee is cute and fuzzy (and an important pollinator), a brachiopod represents a new phylum in Ensembl Metazoa, and the African social velvet spider is a fascinating model of sociality, as well as being the first spider genome.

As if all that wasn't enough, we have updated the gene sets for two ants (the leafcutter ant and the red fire ant) and the two-spotted spider mite. The latest gene set updates from VectorBase and WormBase have also been incorporated into this release.

This release of Ensembl Plants includes approximately 350,000 new rice variations across 3,000 rice accessions from 89 different countries as well as track hubs for more than 900 public RNA-Seq studies, totaling more than 16,000 tracks across 35 different plant species (read more). More new exciting features are listed here.

Ensembl Protists is now updated to 158 genomes from 104 species containing 1,705,794 protein coding genes. With the addition of Opisthokonts, Monosiga brevicollis genome in pan taxonomic compara (example), we have comparative analysis with protists representatives from all the major Eukaryotic clades.