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Peptide comparative genomics

Comparative analysis at the peptide level is performed for each Ensembl Genomes division, and additionally a pan-taxonomic comparative analysis is performed for a separate set of representative species from across the taxonomic space . The division-specific comparative analysis generate an implied evolutionary history for every gene family, and which can be visualised either as a "gene tree", or in the form of derived lists of orthologues and paralogues. The detailed documentation of the analysis done can be found here.

For a complete list of genomes with peptide comparative genomics data provided by Ensembl Genomes, please visit Genomes with peptide comparative genomics data.

Note: For Ensembl Protists and Ensembl Fungi, one genome per species is included in the peptide comparative genomics analysis. The selection of this genome is based on prior inclusion in Ensembl Genomes, or the date of its submission to INSDC. For Ensembl Bacteria, the only peptide comparative genomics analysis performed is on a selection of 123 key genomes which are part of the pan-taxonomic comparative analysis. These are selected to provide one representative genome per species which either feature in the curated reference proteome set from UniProtKB or had a high citation rate in Europe PubMed Central.

Data Access

The gene trees generated from this analysis can be accessed in the genome browser, and also using the Perl API and REST API. Data files are also made available via the Ensembl Genomes FTP site.