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The Ensembl Genomes project receives advice and guidance from our scientific advisory board. The Ensembl SAB consists of a collection of scientists representing a spread of disciplines across and beyond biology. Our current SAB members are:

  • Martin Donnelly, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Klaus Mayer, Helmholtz Institute, Munich, Germany
  • Claudine Medigue, Genoscope, Evry, France
  • Allison Milller, University of St. Louis, USA
  • Rolf Mueller, Helmholtz Institute, Bonn, Germany
  • Chris Rawlings, Rothamsted Research, UK
  • Denis Tagu, INRA, Rennes, France

We thank the previous members of the Ensembl Genomes SAB for their contributions to the project.

  • Detlev Arendt, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Michael Bevan, John Innes Institute, Noriwch, UK
  • Michele Clamp, Bioteam, Boston, USA
  • Michael Eisen, University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Stephen Oliver, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Julian Parkhill, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, UK
  • Jane Rogers, The Genome Analysis Centre, Norwich, UK
  • Doreen Ware, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA